The List

In an earlier blog post I listed all the things that I’d like to accomplish or experience in my life’s time… So I figured I’d post an active page dedicated to it so I can check things off as they’ve been completed,  and perhaps add to it as necessary!!

1. Take a gondola ride down the Grand Canal in Venice

2. Visit El Bulli in Spain

3. Keep my plants alive

4. Swim in the crystal clear lakes of Lhasa

5. Go scuba diving

6. Enjoy a cup of Kopi Luwak coffee

7. Become fluent in American Sign Language

8. Learn to bake delicious cookies from scratch

9. Have a wine and cheese picnic in Napa Valley

10. Fast for a week

11. Find a four leaf clover

12. Enjoy a hot chocolate from Serendipity in New York

13. Indulge in my duck fat fantasy

14. Sky dive

15. Go to an Opera

16. Own Larousse Gastronomique and read it cover to cover

17. Safari in Africa

18. Travel to the Western Wall 

19. Stay in the Ballynahinch Castle in Ireland

20. Have high tea in a cafe in London

21. Hot tub while it’s snowing

22. Own a home with an outdoor kitchen

23. Go to a showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show

24. Watch the sunset in Hawaii

25. See the White Cliffs of Dover

26. Dine at the French Laundry

27. Have enough money to hire someone else to clean my house

28. Complete the New York Times Sunday Crossword (by myself no cheating)

29. Go to opening night of a show on Broadway

30. Go to a ball

31. Kiss the Blarney Stone

32. Taste cuy

33. Order room service

34. Get a really long professional massage

35. Take a ride in a hot air balloon

36. Learn to rock climb

37. Go horseback riding on a beach

38. Fly first class

39. Make someone smile everday

40. Vote for a black man in the U.S. Presidential Election

41. Learn to knit – well

42. Be on a television game show

43. Enjoy a 12 course tasting menu 

44. Take up painting

45. See the Bahá’í House of Worship (the Lotus Temple) in Delhi, India

46. Have a picturesque Christmas (snow, real tree, mistletoe, holly, cider, goodies, ect.)

47. Take a dance class

48. Be very brave

49. Own a boat and christen it

50. Finish my book

51. Start making a habit of doing small but extraordinary things for others


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