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An Affair That I’m So Glad I Remembered

Last night after slipping in to a food coma via a 6” Tuscan Chicken Melt Subway sandwich and a double chocolate chip cookie (also from Subway), I dreamt a dream…  And not just any dream a beautiful fanciful dream I’ve been suppressing for months.

Right before I feel asleep last night, I completed my 40th hour of “How I Met Your Mother.”  This is irrelevant to the story.  However, the main character, Ted Mosby, is an exact carbon copy of one of my friends from back home.  They look alike.  They sound alike.  Their successes/failures with women are also eerily similar.  It’s kind of beginning to freak me out.  But the looks… they’re uncanny. 

Example A.  Ted Mosby:


Example B.  My friend, Aaron Savoy:

n23402222_42591308_187Photo belongs to my friend Pam

CRAZY, huh.

Anyway.  I was fortunate enough to enjoy a very lovely dream starring Mr. Taylor Kitsch aka Timmy Riggins from “Friday Night Lights.”  


Feel free to draw your own conclusions about this dream.