Spike BraceletGiles & Brother Brass Railroad Spike Cuff from Bird $80

This cuff is so awesome.  I love love love gold bangles and this would be an amazing asset to mine and Katie’s collection.  


Checkbook Wallet from $40

I find that most women (including me hold on to the same old wallet forever… I think I’ll invest in this one.birdfeederTake Away Bird Feeder by Eva Solo from Greener Grass Design $60 now $47

I can’t wait until we have a beautiful new place. Maybe with a backyard garden to we can use one of these!!minisporadicwallpanel

Mini Sporadic Wall Panel by Modern Celler from Greener Grass Design $140

There are two things in life that I love: wine and controlled chaos.  This is like an amazing two for one!!!sanfran_bw

San Francisco Map from Ork Posters! $22

I am officially obsessed with this print!  I love all the cities they offer.  My Mamie would love the NYC one!!  What an amazing gift idea.scarflette

Luxury Button ‘Scarflette‘ from $48

I’m still not quite sure how I could pull this look off, but I’d certainly figure it out if I got my hands on one.sameldmanwovenheel

Sam Eldman Woven Heel from Urban Outfitters $158

Very rarely do I obsess over shoes… but I WANT THESE! Bad.


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