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Thursdays Are Good

Katie and I are officially 4 steps closer to completing our journey of the 100 things to taste in SF! More on that in a moment… 

More importantly is the conversation Katie and I had as we were getting ready to go out on our tour of “tastes.”

Me: Hey, so I bought some cellulite gel today…

Kate:  Why?  You don’t even have cellulite.

Me:  I know, BUT I will… and it was on sale.  I’m taking preventative measures and I’m thrifty.

On to the food… Yesterday might have been the most amazing food day of my life!

8. Shrimp and Chive Dumplings at Ton Kiang

Dim Sum

Let’s discuss this a bit.  Never in my 22 (and a half, it’s my half birthday today by the way) years have I ever, EVER felt so amazing after consuming a dish.  Ton Kiang gave me a stomach orgasm – seriously…  These dumplings found my G-Spot in a minute flat… I’m pretty sure some of my previous boyfriend’s are still looking for it I have several ex-boyfriends with great personalities. 

9.  Tommy’s Margarita at Tommy’s Mexican


An AMAZING rita… Outstanding service.  I would have loved to sit there all evening just hanging out, watching soccer, and munching chips and salsa. Mmm mmm.

10. Meatballs at Aziza


Delish and the cocktails here. WOW.

11. Yellowtail Collar at Oyaji

So, when we got to Oyaji I was a tish tipsy so I totally forgot to take a picture of the food. I was also a bit distracted by the sushi chef who was completely hysterical, drunk, and incredible.  He kept calling Katie “black 3rd nipple”.  Why you ask?? I’ll show you.  Black Nipple

I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life.  We obviously had a great fucking time.  

Happy Weekend, all!

Harry Potter count down: 4 days and 6 hours!!!


100 Tastes San Francisco Style

On a whim, Katie and I decided to dive head first into 7×7’s List of 100 Things You Need to Try Before You Die.  It’s is now our life’s mission to complete the list before Katie moves to Austin at the end of August.

After reading the list, we realized we’d already completed 3 of the items.

1. Tuna Tartare at Michael Mina’s

2. Irish Coffee at Buena Vista Cafe

3. Rotisserie Chicken at Limón

So for the remainder of the list we will have photo evidence of our epicurious journey.

4. Carnitas Tacos at La Taqueria


5. Mint Julep from Alembic

Mint Julep

6.  Chip and Salsa at Papalote


7. Galapagos Cocktail at Absinthe


I will keep you updated on our progress and the state of our waistlines…

Should be a fun and exciting adventure.  Not to mention a bittersweet way to give my girlfriend a suitable San Francisco send off.

Oh and Happy Independence Day!  Until next time.


This past week has been pretty hectic.  Work everyday, playing most every night makes Megan a very lazy girl.  I think I may have about 7 weeks of laundry on the floor in my room.  That’ll get done sometime in the next two or so weeks in the relatively near future.

Last Wednesday, I did get to go to Heather’s book signing and actually get to meet her.  I decided to wear all black (black fitted long sleeve t-shirt; black skinny jeans, tasteful and not to trendy; black pumps, obnoxiously tall ones so that everyone was well aware that I was in fact the youngest woman in the room and have yet to force a large crying naked baby thing out of my cookie; and Katie’s vintage dark camel colored leather jacket, just to punch it up a bit.)  I looked good.  Anyway, come to find out this signing was not in San Francisco, per-say, but in a small town 45 minutes south of the city, Mountain View.  

Not a problem.  I like driving and had already called dibs on the car for the evening.  Large Diet Coke, pack of smokes, and the iPod – I was set for hours.  The signing itself was awesome.  Heather was jovial, endearing and  big as a fucking house.  All seven months preggers… crazy if you ask me, but whatever.  

I had been a little  nervous all day about the potential of actually speaking with her and what I might say.  A few things happen to me and my body when I get nervous.  1. One of my legs will spasm uncontrollably.  2.  My lower back will sweat (this also happens when I’m lying about something important).  3.  I get gassy.

Usually, I only experience one of these symptoms at a time.  Though there have been occasions when all 3 have been combined – not pretty.  Wednesday, I was gassy.  However, I figured there would be at least a dozen pregnant women there so I’d have plenty of people to blame my crop dusting on, if necessary.  Fortunately, my nerves subsided by the time I arrived in Mountain View, thus I didn’t need to utilize my plan.

When the time came for me to walk up and have my book signed I was calm and collected.  Until, it hit me – what the fuck was I going to say to this woman, My Hero?! Instant back sweat.  It was almost my turn.  In my head, I’m repeating, “Don’t say anything stupid, Megan.  Just don’t fucking say anything stupid.”  

My turn.  I stand up there, we are almost eye level even though she’s sitting down – she’s quite a tall woman.  Good thing I wore those goddamned heels that were now killing my aching feat.  At least now she won’t think I’m a scary circus freak midget.  I stand there, smiling.  Still trying not to look like I’m retarded. (epic failure, I’m sure)  She looks up at me and asks, “So where are you from?” Uh oh.  “Oh, I’m from Baton Rouge, well I mean I live in San Francisco now… so I drove here from San Francisco tonight – not Baton Rouge obviously” God damn, Megan.  Could you have been more awkward? So then I say, “That was awkward, I’m really sorry.”  More awkward, nice job asshat – abort mission.  She looks back up smiles and laughs at me.  

Oh well, on the up swing I didn’t fall down.

Photos I’d Never Seen Until Today

These were taken the first time I hung out with Mikey and Rich. Colleen and Brant (other friends that I work with at Town Hall) were also there that evening. Brant is featured in the second photo I found via Mikey’s Flickr account.

Me Looking Kind Of Rough To Say The Least

Me and Brant

Reason #36 Why We Need To Find A New Apartment

Let’s face it. I, Megan Delaney, live in a shitty part of town.  The chances of my being capped in the streets by a stray bullet in the heat of a raging gun battle are highly likely.  I’ve heard from a friend that someone he knew had a cup of soup thrown at them by a random homeless person for no apparent reason at my apartment’s cross streets.  Awesome.  It’s just down right sketchy on my block… 

However, there are moments that make it all worth it.

Take last night for example.  As Katie and I got out of a cab near our corner there was a man walking up with a shopping cart full of all of his belongings.  Mumbling nonsense to himself.  Though, for I all I know he was simply trying to solve some crazy logarithm and could potentially hold the keys to the universe.  Or not.  As he makes his way to the same corner he stops at a trash can and begins doing fan kicks over them.  You know, like full on can-can style high kicks (bah bah bah dah dah).  I must say he had some amazing form.  After successfully showing that trash can who was boss, he proceeded around the corner stopping at the next trash can.  Again, he started with the same high kick routine!  Mumbling crazy nonsense all the while.

Now, what I want to know is… Where was he going, how far away from his destination was he, and how long was it going to take him to get there?  Let’s consider for a moment he has some sort of obsessive disorder (though I’m sure that’s the least of his issues).  Does he really stop at every trash can, do a dozen high kicks, and move on to the next one?  I really wish I had followed him.  But I had some double chocolate Milano cookies upstairs calling my name.  So 20 minutes of following some random man was most definitely out of the question.

We really need to find a new place… only 7 months to go until our lease is up!

To the man who will never read this… Thank you

So I’ve been riding the Muni (the above and below ground light-rail train in SF and my new favorite form of public transit) J-Church train nearly every morning lately.  Most days I get off the train at about 8:45 at the Civic Center stop.  And nearly everyday there is a man who plays his guitar by the 7th street exit of the station. He looks to be in his early 40’s and looks a bit rough around the edges, like he’s had a rough life not like he’s been sleeping on the street in his own feces for the past 2 weeks.  I look forward to seeing him as I’m leaving because he is the most beautiful part of my day as ascend to dark and borderline vile streets above.  

The first time I saw him he was playing and singing “Across the Universe” and it was so calming in that moment.  In the middle of all the chaos of the morning, commuting, and general running around, it gave me a chance to stand back and realize that it’s okay to slow down for a minute and see beauty in the most unexpected places.  

Now, depending on the day I sometimes leave a couple bucks in his cup when I can, other times just I walk by but make sure to give a smile to show that I appreciate what he’s doing.  But it’s so nice on the days that have the extra time to linger and listen… 

Today, however, he was speaking with a woman as I was walking up and as I walked past he stopped talking, looked at me, and waved.  In that moment it was so nice to be recognized as someone worth acknowledging.  Me, a perfect stranger.  I only hope that I make him feel the same.  Because today I really needed that simple gesture, and I think everyday is an opportunity for each of us to do something that simple…

So to the man who plays guitar at the Muni station, Thank you. Thank you for being a bright light in a sometimes dark world.  You are beautiful to me – and you inspire me to seek out beauty in unexpected places. 

If you have time today you need to do two things… 

1. Stop. And just appreciate the beauty around you.

2. Read this article, it’s a long one but totally worth it. I know it’s not quite the same as my story, it’s on a much more grand scale… But the moral is the same.

Awkward E-Mails

This is the e-mail I sent to satisfy my Mother’s wishes to contact her neighbor’s son (who also lives in the city now.)


Subject: So this is kind of weird…

But, I’m pretty sure it would be more strange to call you at random. 

Our dear, sweet mothers are neighbors and I just moved to SF – so they’ve been badgering me to give you a call. I’m pretty sure it’s just so that if I get hit by a stray bullet in crossfire of a gun battle in the ghetto that I live in someone can take my body back to my mother. 

Or. On the upswing if you’d ever like to hang out that’d be equally as cool of you. 



Response also enclosed…


Subject: Re: So this is kind of weird…

Haha. No the facebook message is probably a better idea than the random call. 

Anyway… welcome to SF! It’s a cool town. I’ve been out here over 3 years now. If you wanna get together this weekend that’d be awesome. I have a group of friends going out Saturday night, and you’re more than welcome to tag along. If you would rather do something more mellow, let me know. I’m pretty much free all weekends. 

Thanks for getting in touch. I know it’s a pretty awkward thing to do (gotta love mothers). Now sending you back to BR willl be that much less weird if you get capped walking the streets. 


Anyway… so thanks Mom.  Now, I have someone else to get into trouble with.  As if Katie isn’t enough.  

I really hope I don’t get capped.  I’ll eliminate discussing the likely hood of that situation to save some of you the sanity.