My name is Megan Delaney and this is my blog.  I have recently moved from my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to San Francisco.  I live in extremely sketchy part of the city… but it’s okay, because I’m a bad ass.   I spend the majority of my time causing trouble, brainstorming, working on a small scale random humanitarian project (more information about this coming soon), and working… aka being Bjorn’s bitch.   

The following are things I can’t live without:

Coffee, vodka, Katie, burritos from the place across from the Safeway on Dubose, anything that’s a combination of either chocolate and hazelnut or white chocolate and raspberry, and Daft Punk.

Feel free to send any questions or comments.  I am a nut very busy and important so if I don’t get back to you quickly… I apologize. 

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2 responses to “Biography

  1. I wanted to be on your Blog. All these years and I never new you liked to write

  2. hello my little, yet cute, ho:

    Como estas? i am loving the heavens out of your blog! btw, i have the same poo poo platter problem and all i have to say is “smooth move”: it’s a tea! if that doesn’t solve your problemos (cuz i think the boyfriend thing may have been a fluke), i don’t know what will.

    that’s all for now, i look forward to our time together on wednesday!

    nighty night!

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