The Break Up Story

I’ve decided there are a few stories from Katie and I’s time in San Francisco, that may have been overlooked and in my opinion – they need to be shared. 

Let’s start with the most recent… Shall we?

This past Tuesday evening I was invited to two parties.  One was to celebrate my friend Kenny’s last night of working at Town Hall.  The other was a last minute invitation I received to be in attendance at my boyfriend Craig’s house that evening.  It was a theme party.  Tonight’s Theme: “I need to talk to you about something.”

It doesn’t take a complete moron to figure out what is supposed to happen next.  I debated whether or not cleavage was expected or required for such a party…

This was a party that I’ve only attended once, maybe twice before.  Usually, I’m the one throwing it.  So, I thought I’d come prepared.  I gathered all the items in my apartment that had originally belonged to Craig packed them in Katie’s car and brought them along with me.  And drove myself to my own break up, which I was invited to.

Upon my arrival, they typical awkward talk about how “things aren’t working out”, “do you feel the same way”, and other nonsense.  Except I added, “I guess it’s a good idea I brought all your stuff with me.”

Craig was very confused by this.  Apparently, he didn’t quite give me enough credit for being an intelligent and capable member of the human race.  He also didn’t quite understand why this was such an easy and painless break up…. We even decided we could even still be friends. Hell, we even shared a post-break up smoke.  (Even though we did quit at the beginning of the month.)  I suppose I don’t handle uncomfortable or painful situations the same way most people do.  Bottling and making jokes about things seem to work just fine for me.  I foresee a bitch slap from my future therapist for writing such a thing.  

Anyway, I truly was fine. 

Until, I realized that he had de-facebook friended me.  Did we just revert back to 8th grade, and I missed the memo.  REALLY?!  Who does that?  You’re not my girlfriend anymore, so we’re not friends anymore – AND you’re not invited to my birthday party anymore…. HA!  Whatever.  I’m sure in the future social encounters I’ll give him shit about this.

Also, this isn’t directly related to the break up – but, I found it a tish odd.  Craig’s roommate/co-worker, Nate and his girlfriend, Anjie thought last night was the absolute BEST night to come into my place of work to have dinner.  This sort of thing confuses me.  Katie would never just show up somewhere that Craig would definitely be the day after we broke up.  It’s just kind of, “let’s go gawk at the ex-girlfriend, that’s a fun Thursday night activity.”  Lame.  I do very much like these people, but come on.

Now, I officially throw my hat in the ring.  I’ve rejoined the ranks of singledom.  Congratulations, men of the world.  You may now thank Craig Beridon.


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