My Harvard Weekend: In Review

Non-Stop Virgin America Airlines Flight.  Check.

For $220.00 (Which I did not pay for).  Check.

Becoming obsessed with the Google Map flight tracker during the flight.  Repeatedly thinking “GODDAMN IT, I’m still in fucking Wyoming!!”  Check.

Impressed hoards of Harvard graduate students by my mire presence.  Check.

Got full on tackled in front of Red Sky Bar in Boston.  Check.

Obtained ridiculously large bruises from said event.  Check.

Somehow managed to to get locked out of Perkins Hall at Harvard at 3:00 a.m.  Check.

Showed in a dorm.  Check.

Slept in a dorm.  Check.

Embarrassed old friends in front of new ones.  Check.

Debated the distinctions between going down on someone vs. giving someone a blow job and heaving petting/stroking vs. giving someone a hand job with some of the most brilliant minds in the world. (Serious discussion on said topic soon to come.)  Check.

Fended off the Swine Flu… No seriously, those Harvard fuckers may be smart.  But they sure as hell didn’t figure out how not to get the fucking Swine Flu.  Check.

Used a video game to relate a mathematical vs. social economic thesis for an English PhD student’s paper.  Check.

Took way to many shots of tequila (if that’s even possible…). Check.

Ate fish tacos.  The actual food product.  Not to be confused with the crude name for going down on a woman.  Check.  I LOVE FISH TACOS!!

Had one hell of a great time.  Fucking Check.


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