One More Sleep

One of the boys I dated in high school for about two years had an adorable little brother, Brian.  Brian happened to have an adorable mild speech impediment.  He said things like ‘ey Meeegan (hey Megan) when he was trying to get my attention.  My favorite was trying to get him to say “fondue pot” which came out as fon-shooow-pot.  Random parts of words where often elongated.  He was awesome.  We went to see animated Pixar movies together.  I remember “Finding Nemo” scared the shit out of him.  I don’t blame him either.  Any movie where 200 or so fetus’ die before the opening credits would scare me too, if I were 5 years old!

Anyway, when Brian was excited about any upcoming event he always wanted to know how far away said event would be.  And my generic answer was usually to tell him how many sleeps until.  Example:  Well, Brian, Christmas morning is 7 sleeps away.  OR Your birthday party is 3 sleeps away.  This method of qualifying time seemed reasonable to him.  In fact, if I ever choose to procreate this will be the same way I handle said situation.  I find children are always waiting for something…

As for me, I’m waiting for Wednesday.  And finally, it’s only one sleep away.  And no, I’m not waiting on the next installment of “LOST”!!  Well, I am (as always).  But in this case I am counting down the minutes to meet my fellow blogger/hero Heather B. Armstrong a.k.a. Dooce.  She is doing a book signing in South San Francisco – and I will be there with fucking bells on.  Giddy like a young school girl who just got felt up for the first time.  

Also, the odds of Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl being there are very, very high.  Considering, she also hails from SF as well.  The prospect of being in the same room as these woman has had me bouncing off the walls.  Katie has had more than an earful of my excited bantering.  

Let’s hope I don’t say something retarded, like the fact that if it were humanly possible I’d like to have lots of sex and babies with both of these women.  Or walk around with my pants unzipped.  Since I typically don’t wear underwear this would be particularly embarrassing.


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