Judge Me At Will


I, Megan Delaney, read “mommy blogs”.  Yes, mommy blogs.  Yes, Megan Delaney, the same woman who dislikes most children.  I CAN’T help it these women are hysterically amazing, and are the only conceivable reason I think I’d ever be mommy material.

This all started when I randomly wandered onto dooce.com, and feel madly in love with Heather B. Armstrong.  Perhaps it was her chic hair styles, the way she used the word “fuck”, or  how she talked about her husband feeling her up… Whatever it was – I am hooked.  I can’t go a day without checking her website.

Yesterday, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning.  I ran down to the mail box to pick up this little beauty…


It Sucked And Then Cried: How I Had Baby, A Breakdown, and Much Needed Margarita

Her first novel, which with brutal honesty describes her pregnancy – followed by postpartum  depression.  Which totally sounds depressing, but if you’re familiar with her writing you know this will be a hysterical account of a not so hysterical event.

I can’t wait to sit down, and enjoy this bad boy.  

Congrats, Heather!!!  You inspire me everyday.  Thank you.


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