Sprinkles of Happiness From Heaven

Sometimes, I think God must either really like me or chooses sick and twisted ways to test me.

However, I believe what follows is a true and pure gift from the big guy upstairs.

Friday night, I was out at a bar in the Marina (read: heavily populated with over privileged ex-fraternity boys and sorority girls), East Side West celebrating my friends, Brennan and Joy’s engagement. Actually, it was the pre-engagement party happy hour… considering the PARTY PARTY was actually going to be Saturday night. Now in my opinion, many of Joy’s friends are what I would classify as “Marina” girls. Understand, I do not really dislike these woman. It’s just that we lead very very different lives for the most part, thus it seems we don’t really understand one another. Not too mention, none of them have ever actually attempted to get to know me as a human… I digress.

Anyway, at some point during the evening one of the girls and I are in the bathroom together. Imagine if you will: very blonde, very cute, expensive bag, lightly bronzed, and lack luster personality.

She turns to me and says, “So…I just got spray tanned today, umm do you think it looks too orange?”

Ohhh thank you, baby Jesus. I am sooo glad I’m sober enough to remember this moment. ‘Cause this is good stuff.

“Uh no, I think it looks… fine.”

Other girls walk in… similar conversation continues.  Apparently others had gotten it done today as well.

“Hey would you mind taking a picture of us just so we can see if we look orange on camera?”

I really didn’t think this could get any better… but WOW it just did!!

After my amazing photography skills were put to use, I had to run away very quickly. As uncontrollable laughter was beginning to set in.  Vanity is funny.


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