Top 10 Reasons…

I will not go out with Mikey and Rich, ever again. 

1.  I always seem to wake up with bruises in extraordinarily odd places on my body. (i.e. My 3rd lowest right rib, right shoulder blade, and left forearm in several places)

2.  Unsuccessful drunken navigation of the SF transit system is extremely frustrating.

3.  I’ve never been cut off at a bar… until now.

4.  Showing up on your boyfriends steps at 10 p.m. completely wasted, and borderline unresponsive is not sexy.

5.  Waking up at 5 a.m. without the slightest clue where you might be is scary.  (Especially, when you’re head feels like someone is chipping away at it with an ice pick.) 

6.  Realizing that you do in fact know where you are, and the boy who is next to you.  And fortunately he’s your boyfriend… Oh shit, what did I possibly say or do in that time when I blacked out.  Scarier.  

7.  Learning that you have drunken hiccup fits in your sleep… embarrassing and also not sexy.

8.  Vaguely remembering that you are getting called into work the next morning, very unlike you had assumed… 10 hours earlier.  At least 8 more hours of hell to go!

9.  Spend the few minutes at home getting ready for the work day – trying not to vomit.  

10.  I almost sleep through LOST the following evening, which would have really pissed me off.


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