To Answer Your Question Kerry…

If you make a list of gift items you’d enjoy, even if they are meant to be ideas for others – you DO in fact get them.  

Well, you get one of them… and not from your significant other.  Ahem. 

My dear, sweet friend Micah sent me a copy of Pablo Neruda poems, featured in my First Annual Valentines Day Gift Guide.  Which, I had coincidentally once owned.  But I’m pretty sure I lent it to Lindsay Wynn senior year of high school.  And it was never returned.  Bitch.  So, this was a perfect addition to my collection of literature.  

How was my Valentines Day other than my super awesome surprise gift from Micah, you ask?

Well, let’s do the math.

2 bottles of red wine + home cooked meal + Angelina Jolie (via the seriously bad ass movie Wanted) + some excellent company

In my book, that is a borderline perfect evening.  Now, if Colin Firth was that excellent company… Well, that’d be a home-run!!


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