Valentines Gift Ideas For Your Man

So, per the requests of a few of you I compiled a few things to get the man in your life for Valentines.  I’ve realized it is much more difficult to find a great gift for a man when you are on a budget.  I tried to keep it low… but I found a few neat splurges.  So this one is for the ladies.


1. Walking Dead, Book 1, Vol. 1  $23.99

2. Passion Pit, “Chunk of Change”  $6.99

3. 5 Blade Razor $84

4. Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag $160

5. Incipio Feather Slim iPhone Case $34.99

6. Moleskine Pocket Sketchbook $10

7. S+arck Satelitum Watch $150

8. Lomographic Fisheye Camera $59.99

9. Fallout 3 for XBox 360 $59.99

10. Roku Digital Video Player for Netflix $99


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