A Thing of Beauty

So, even though I’m on my “vaction” at home in Baton Rouge, and I should be partying like a freshman sorority girl.  I took the day off yesterday from everything.  Well, everything except for the love of my life.  I like to call him, Mr. President.

I literally sat on the couch with a box of kleenex and coffee from 7 am until 2:30.  Took a lunch break and a shower.  Then right back to all the coverage of the Inauguration!

I still can’t believe we did it.  But today, we as a country can stand together knowing that we are growing, we are overcoming, and we are learning to love.  It is a beautiful time for our nation.  And as we all are painfully aware… We are a mess right now.  And it won’t be fixed over night.  But, we need to show support for a man who was capable of bringing us together.  Because we can not overcome this unless we work together.  That, to me is the most important thing.  This is a time that we must all rise up and stand together.  Separation will be our undoing.  But, solidarity will bind us and make us stronger. 

Thank you, Mr. President.  I believe you will inspire us all, to help save ourselves.  Peace and love to you. 



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