Reason #36 Why We Need To Find A New Apartment

Let’s face it. I, Megan Delaney, live in a shitty part of town.  The chances of my being capped in the streets by a stray bullet in the heat of a raging gun battle are highly likely.  I’ve heard from a friend that someone he knew had a cup of soup thrown at them by a random homeless person for no apparent reason at my apartment’s cross streets.  Awesome.  It’s just down right sketchy on my block… 

However, there are moments that make it all worth it.

Take last night for example.  As Katie and I got out of a cab near our corner there was a man walking up with a shopping cart full of all of his belongings.  Mumbling nonsense to himself.  Though, for I all I know he was simply trying to solve some crazy logarithm and could potentially hold the keys to the universe.  Or not.  As he makes his way to the same corner he stops at a trash can and begins doing fan kicks over them.  You know, like full on can-can style high kicks (bah bah bah dah dah).  I must say he had some amazing form.  After successfully showing that trash can who was boss, he proceeded around the corner stopping at the next trash can.  Again, he started with the same high kick routine!  Mumbling crazy nonsense all the while.

Now, what I want to know is… Where was he going, how far away from his destination was he, and how long was it going to take him to get there?  Let’s consider for a moment he has some sort of obsessive disorder (though I’m sure that’s the least of his issues).  Does he really stop at every trash can, do a dozen high kicks, and move on to the next one?  I really wish I had followed him.  But I had some double chocolate Milano cookies upstairs calling my name.  So 20 minutes of following some random man was most definitely out of the question.

We really need to find a new place… only 7 months to go until our lease is up!


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