Ohh 8 In Review

This has been a truly unique year in the life of Megan Delaney.  In it’s entirety it’s held many successes and plenty of failure… but I’ve enjoyed every moment.  I think it may be my most interesting year to date… 

I shared a (nonsexual) midnight New Year’s Eve kiss with a gay man… Though I think I secretly wanted the hott lesbian hostess at work to kiss me instead.  Considers whether or not I’m gay… makes out with long time (male) crush later that week. I decide I still like penis.

Shared a ridiculously uncomfortable limo ride with Katie and two older gentlemen.  Reconsiders being a lesbian.

Rekindled (brief) idiotic relationship with lame Irishman/chef.  Purchases Naughty Nurses 5, a vibrator, and a strap on (just in case).

Fell in love with San Francisco.  

Considered the idea of settling down and family life as an option for the relatively near future… Shortly thereafter decided against, at the expense of another.  Feels like a jackass.

Earned astronomical amounts of cash at a restaurant wide Ladies of Mansur’s Bikini Car Wash to benefit Katie and I’s San Francisco cause.  Thinks being a woman is extremely lucrative.

Shared a BED and bedroom with Katie for several months.  Decide that I am in fact not a lesbian.

Said goodbye to some of the best people in life I’ve ever known… Missing them daily.  

Drove across country to get to San Francisco with Katie… Almost assisted in Bambi suicide.  That son of a bitch ran out in front of me, not my fault!

Made new friends… Most of which are our bartenders.  I am not ashamed.  

Re-rekindled ridiculously ignorant, asinine, obliviously idiotic relationship with previously stated Irishman/chef.  Disappoints Katie.  Is now ashamed.

Made actual friends.  Ones which I consume the alcohol with… no longer the ones which only serve it!

Watched Barack kick some serious ass in November.  Decide I am definitely straight… considering I want to have lots of sex and babies with him!! 

Currently dating my mother’s neighbor son.  Yes, the boy next door.  Enjoys the irony immensely.  

Realized I really enjoy who I am, where I am, and what I doing.  Making moves, shaking things up, and deliberately living life to the fullest.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this amazing year in my life.  I love you dearly.


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