Nova Story: skinny jeans vs. television

This week has been full of extremely exciting (and hazy) evenings.  Most of the excitement has stemmed from Katie and I’s recent antics at Nova, with the help of Fernet Blanca per Elliot our new favorite bartender. 

This past Friday at Nova we swung by after work, and the bar was pretty dead.  Mostly out of towners, some random locals, and very few women.   After Katie and I tweaked the iPod a bit the party really got started – like in a bad chick flick bar scene… With the entire bar crowded around us singing “Anyway You Want It” at the tops of our lungs, taking shots of Fernet like it was water.  

After all this, I got to talking with our fellow smoker friend, Scooter a.k.a. “Safe Married Guy”.  The conversation went as follows:

Safe Married Guy:  So what did you girls do today?

Me: Ah, it was a typical day for us.  We laid in bed all day watching Six Feet Under…

Safe Married Guy:  What?  Haven’t you seen that a million times…

Me:  What do you mean?  We’re watching that on Net Flix… I’ve never had HBO a day in my life.  Not to mention we don’t have a televsion, let alone cable!

Safe Married Guy: (Obviously astonished)  What?!? Well then how are you even watching Net Flix….

Me:  Laptop… You don’t seem to understand.  When we moved out here we took only what would fit in her car.  A TV wasn’t exactly our top priority.

Safe Married Guy:  I’d have left a few pairs of skinny jeans back in Louisiana to make room for a TV!!!

Me: (laughing hysterically now…)  Seriously, seriously… did you just say skinny jeans. Wow! Only in San Francisco.


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