Is It Still Called Breathing?

Break down of Katie and I’s last important conversation.

Me:  See if you can French inhale.

Katie: (tries… fails miserably) That’s impossible!! But wouldn’t it be cool if you could inhale and exhale at the same time??  Like if it were a special power only I had.  Then I’d never have to breathe again.

Me:  Umm, I think that, that would still be considered breathing.

Katie:  Uh, no!  To breathe you have to inhale and exhale… that’s the definition of breathing.

Me:  But just because you are doing both at the same time doesn’t mean that you aren’t inhaling and exhaling… it’s just a constant state of inhale/exhale.

Katie:  No, you’re wrong.

Me:  Are we seriously arguing about this…

Katie: Yes, and I’m going to win.  I’m right about this…

Me:  Fine you can be right… But I still think it’s stupid. 


2 responses to “Is It Still Called Breathing?

  1. I must preface this with the fact that I am thouroughly enjoying your writing…especially about that guitar guy and the can-can homeless man…Great stuff.

    but more specifically to this post… hate to burst the bubble of arguments but–it’s called circular breathing…a very small percentage of people can do it, but it comes in handy for musicians who play wind instruments, they can literally hold a note for as long as possible… and you don’t have to tell katie you learned this.

    • bayleavesandthyme

      But, since it’s called circular breathing…. it is in fact still called breathing. Therefore I win.

      As usual.

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