Oh So Long Overdue


It’s been a relatively insane past few weeks.  But, it is a crying shame that I haven’t yet posted the details of Katie and I’s Thanksgiving extravaganza. 

Fortunately, Katie’s chef/owner of Flytrap invited us and some friends to a huge Thanksgiving feast at the restaurant.  Which was nice because Chinese takeout on the living room floor while watching Love Actually was our backup plan.  

After spending the morning hours making Neiman Marcus brownies (a full on confectionary orgasm), testing them to make sure they were safe to serve to the masses, and listening to Katy Perry’s Hot N’ Cold on repeat for about an hour; we collected ourselves and headed over to Flytrap.  

At the restaurant we all enjoyed  copious amounts of snacky treats… But you must understand the epic insanity that was the main course of deliciousness.  Photo proof is necessary.  

Hoss is famous for stuffing large protein products into giant Persian meatballs.  Thanksgiving was  undoubtedly his shining moment.  He stuffed a 50 lb. Turkey (stuffed with a hen, duck, and quail) incapsulated in 55 lbs of ground meatbally goodness.  

Carving the Turducken Ball

Carving the Turducken Ball

And yes our  Thanksgiving made it into the San Francisco Chronicle…

Upon gorging ourselves with food and beverage there was only one thing that could make the night even better…


Watching two true blue southern boys singing Friends in Low Places is about as close to home as I could get for the holidays.  And, I’m not sure I’d have had it any other way.


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