What a Beautiful Day

Nearly two years in the making, and it’s finally over!

I know most of you, my friends and family, know where I’ve stood on all the issues of this oh so crucial election.  So, I really hadn’t felt the need to rant and rave about my feelings.  But, WOW, I have never been so proud to be an American as I have been this week.  This is the beginning of a beautiful future to come.  I feel to privileged to watch first hand as America voted to make a REAL change… and watch history unfold.  Generations to come will read about this time and I’ll know that I was part of it – I helped make it happen.  

If ever I lose my mind and decide to procreate…(God help us all)!  I’ll get to share with them about that amazing day in February when I walked into a voting booth for my very first presidential election; and had the opportunity to vote for a white woman or a black man!!  I’ll tell them about how I walked out of that building and into my car; and cried because I was so blessed to be part of such an amazing moment in history… I still can’t believe how far we’ve come!!!  We should all be so very proud. 

Today is November 6th, and a strong, amazing man stands before our nation ready to take on the challenges ahead.  And, my God there are many.  I don’t expect perfection.  I just ask for someone ready to make a change.  Barack Obama is that man through and through!   

Fucking right!! 

President Barack Obama, hell yes!  Hearing that gives me chills everytime!!


THANK YOU to everyone who went out and voted and helped make this all happen! We did it!!  

(Plus, he’s kind of hot!)


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