The DDF Chronicles

Recently, my favorite bum has gotten totally styled out!

The other day, DD was standing on the corner of 6th, right under that Beautify 6th Street sign, and let me tell you DD was a picture of beauty that day.  Instead of his usual dirty black pants and t-shirt, he was sporting fresh khakis, a white shirt, and a daper pink sweater vest.  Holy Cow!  What I really want to know is where he got those new treads?  What fraternity boy or financial district asshole is walking around SOMA naked?  Because I want to laugh at them!  DD has also recently aquired a bike helmet.  I think that will benefit him in his epic battles with the wind.

Well it’s October again.  Another example of my seasonal personality.  It’s nice to feel rain again… relaxing and listening to the thunder.  Snow flurries, really?


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