Stolen Internet Status


The first day in our new apartment we plugged in my computer to listen to some music while unpacking.  Miraculously, the Airport (wireless internet finder thingy for Mac) on my computer detected a full fledged super signal of internet!!  Therefore we felt no urgency to purchase it for ourselves.  Unfortunately, this week has taken a disappointing turn on that front.  DVRWIRE26 is no longer in existence for our use and access to the world wide web… Well shit.  Anyway, that’s put a bit of a damper on my blogging schedule.  Fortunately, I managed to find one skinny bar of internet while wandering around the apartment today.  I guess that $40 we were saving a month on internet, will no longer be beer money. 

The after work the other day, Katie and I planned a date night.  Pizza from Chico’s, “Weed’s”, and snacks.  And it was glorious.  But, I think I need to share this story with you my friends.  Katie and I sat out on our lovely 2nd story porch.  For whatever reason, we were trying desperately to figure out the name of one of our mutual friend’s roommate.  

Katie: “I think it starts with ‘C’, like Chris maybe”

Me: “No way, I’m pretty sure it’s and R”

Katie: “Like Rusty”

Me: “Or Renald”

Katie: “Renaldo”

Me: “You can’t just add an ‘O’, that’s not fair!”

Katie: “Well, what the hell kind of name is Renald anyway… Renaldo makes much more sense.”

Me: “That may be true but it’s still bullshit.”

Shortly thereafter, we proceeded to go through the rest of the alphabet thinking of every single name we could think of for each letter. There’s 45 minutes of my life I can’t get back…

Come to find out I was right, his name did start with an ‘R’.  I finally came up with Robert about 2 hours later.  So, I suppose the whole thing wasn’t a waste then, right?


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