Katie and Megan Build Shelving Unit, Further Badassness Ensues

In reference to my last post, on Katie and I’s cross country journey trek to San Francisco, we set off with very limited personal possessions.  Along with the television, we also left behind nearly all furniture which included: beds, tables, chairs, basically any surface of any kind.  On our very first night in the city we drove into Oakland (eek) to the IKEA in search of futons, hangers, shower curtains, and other basic necessities.  We were quite successful and even in our relative state of delirium from our 3 day journey we manged to put our beds together in without too much trouble.  Except Katie attacted all the rungs underneath the bed upside down – but we remedied that fairly quickly.

IKEA Futon

IKEA Futon



This past weekend on Katie and I’s bi-weekly Sunday morning trip to Wal-Mart, (god damn corporate America) to stock up on food and cleaning supplies.  I’m poor, judge me at will.  We decided that the grey packing crates we’ve been using for storage, shelving, and seating wasn’t cutting it aesthetically.  Thus, we opted to purchase a 6 foot tall bookshelf for an added element of design.

Crate Seating and Homemade Box Table

Crate Seating and Homemade Box Table



Unlike furniture purchases at IKEA where they include all the bullshit tools for you to construct the piece yourself, we actually had to use a real screwdriver, hammer, ect.  So, we set out on the kitchen floor to assemble or newest possession.  I, of course, was in charge of interpreting the directions, and Katie was head of construction (mostly because she’s a control freak, don’t let her tell you otherwise – but that’s part of why I love her).  As usual, we have one of our computers hooked up to the speakers in the living room AKA Kate’s bedroom with our iTunes on shuffle.  Halfway through the assembly process, like a gift from shuffle gods Buck Cherry’s “Crazy Bitch” floods the speakers and echoes through our little home. (Feel free to google the unedited lyrics…)  In that moment Katie looks up and says to me mid-hammering,

“We’ve officially reached a whole new level of badassness.”

And you know what, it’s so true.  I feel like we’ve been very, very brave, strong, and independent.  I’m increasingly proud of us everyday.  I can’t believe it’s been 2 months out here and we finally feel at home and ready to kick some ass.  Yes, I know it seems a bit silly.  We only put together a $30 dollar shelf from the Wal-Mart.  So what, it wobbles a bit, and it’s not the most impressive piece of furniture – but we did it, ourselves.  

I’m glad I’ve become a badass – even if I’m the only one who thinks so.


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