For those of you who are unaware when Katie and I moved out to the best coast – excuse me west coast, we packed all of our worldly belongings into her car.  Many people out here don’t believe it’s possible that two young women actually fit everything into one car to move across the country with, no trailer, no nothing.  The one luxurys we did leave behind was a television.  The last month before we moved we had a TV but no cable – sadly we watched a lot of Dr. Phil. 

However, yesterday my buddy Mikey provided a wonderful scenario in which I could watch my favorite cable television program “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”  If you’ve never seen the show you should – it is pure comedy gold.  Even after the show is over, I sit starring at the TV laughing as the annoyingly erie theme music pierces my eardrums. Unfortunately, once I got that taste of TV in my mouth I realized all the great shows I’ve been missing.  For the first time since we moved, I considered what life would be like with television in the city, and this intense desire to veg out for hours on end basking in the dull glow of the Food Network surged through my body.  

So, since Katie and I don’t actually own any surfaces in our home… feel free to send a 52″ flat screen television so that I can mount it to the wall.


2 responses to “Disconnected

  1. meggie, you dont know the amazingness of “it’s always sunny” that you have been missing. I honestly think this episode was one of the weakest, but still good. Not to mention, greenman has emerged again this season!!!

  2. bayleavesandthyme

    I love green man!! I was so excited to see him again. I loved it every time he hit Dee in the head with a ball – oh slap stick, it never fails.

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