Where The Hell Did Monday and Tuesday Go?

Christ!  I haven’t stopped going since Friday last.  And, here it is Wednesday.  Where, oh where has all the time gone.

Yesterday, I found the most amazing oasis!!  Right in the heart of my urban, ex-warehouse district, renovated hipster uber modern land of condos, and sky high glass buildings as far as the eye can see of a neighborhood.  Oh, SOMA god bless you.  Wedged inbetween Harrison and Brannen on 2nd is South Park (the heart of my hood – and hood by the way is the appropriate term according to most San Franciscans, so bite me) is the most glorious patch of green spot ever.  Surrounded by small European style buildings full of little shops, bistros, and cafes lined with outdoor seating.   It was like walking into Savannah for a minute.  It’s the little things in life – and I am officially in love with my new haven.

Last night, we went to trivia night at the Cheiftain.  We were a pretty rag-tag team… we asked this adorable guy sitting alone at the bar to join us (who had already had a team name of his own – which we readily adopted, “The Pathetic Guy Sitting At The Bar All By Himself Because He Has No Friends”).  Our group contained a Philosophy of Law graduate (Chris), financial district business man (Greg, former pathetic guy), Katie, and myself.  I think we coasted in 3rd to last place almost all night.  But, we did have a blast – former pathetic guy, Greg, knew a few really embarrassing answers involving REO Speedwagon and Lance Bass…  I pulled Jimmy Swaggert out of my ass as Tammy Faye Baker’s scandalous former husband.  I should know that, I went to that church as a child.  Perhaps that’s way I’m so screwed up?

Today’s highlight.  Katie and I stuffed ourselves silly all morning long and stopped to have a sit on the way home across from the devil’s coffee shop, Blue Bottle.  (It’s not really the devil, except for that fact that I’d sell my soul to them if they promised me free coffee for the rest of my life.)  When a crotch rocket cop pulls up to us looks around our little area.

Dickhead Cop: “I’m pretty sure I smelled weed over here.”

Katie: Laughing, “WHAT?”

Me: “You are mistaken sir…”

Dickhead Cop: Looking around like an idiot, “Well, I mean…” (trails off realizing he is an idiot and a douchebag, backs up crotch rocket and rolls away without apologizing for his obvious error of dickheadedness)

My thoughts on this topic:  

1. First of all, we are sitting at the corner of Mint and Mission – full of vagrants, crystal meth addicts, and a half block away from XXX Porn-A-Palooza.  Don’t you have more to worry about than two intelligent, clean, young woman who at least appear to be upstanding citizens?

I think so.

2. We weren’t smoking… You idiot.  Clearly, the pollen in the air today is fucking with your nasal passages sir.  Perhaps, you should get that checked out.

3. More importantly, even if we were smoking – so is everyone else on this block and most of the rest of these lazy mother fuckers with out jobs are doing a lot worse than that.   Learn to prioritize, douche bag.  My tax dollars aren’t paying you to ride around and harass law abiding citizens.  You are supposed to be cleaning up my neighborhood.  Look around… I’m the least of your worries.  

Rant over.

Tonight, is my new friend Kwame’s birthday.  I’ll probably join the rest of the TH crew in celebration.


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