Awkward E-Mails

This is the e-mail I sent to satisfy my Mother’s wishes to contact her neighbor’s son (who also lives in the city now.)


Subject: So this is kind of weird…

But, I’m pretty sure it would be more strange to call you at random. 

Our dear, sweet mothers are neighbors and I just moved to SF – so they’ve been badgering me to give you a call. I’m pretty sure it’s just so that if I get hit by a stray bullet in crossfire of a gun battle in the ghetto that I live in someone can take my body back to my mother. 

Or. On the upswing if you’d ever like to hang out that’d be equally as cool of you. 



Response also enclosed…


Subject: Re: So this is kind of weird…

Haha. No the facebook message is probably a better idea than the random call. 

Anyway… welcome to SF! It’s a cool town. I’ve been out here over 3 years now. If you wanna get together this weekend that’d be awesome. I have a group of friends going out Saturday night, and you’re more than welcome to tag along. If you would rather do something more mellow, let me know. I’m pretty much free all weekends. 

Thanks for getting in touch. I know it’s a pretty awkward thing to do (gotta love mothers). Now sending you back to BR willl be that much less weird if you get capped walking the streets. 


Anyway… so thanks Mom.  Now, I have someone else to get into trouble with.  As if Katie isn’t enough.  

I really hope I don’t get capped.  I’ll eliminate discussing the likely hood of that situation to save some of you the sanity.


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