Lonely Days

So, there are days and nights in the big city that get very lonely.  I’m still in the process of making new friends so there are some times in which I must occupy myself.  Not so very difficult – being an only child and all.  Except for that bad habit I have of talking to myself.  It’s especially annoying when I start replaying conversations and realizing all the things I should have said… and then wonder if anyone is listening to me.  Then I think to myself, “Damn, I must sound like a lunatic… I hope I wasn’t actually saying that shit out loud.”  

Anyway, this is my current ongoing form of entertainment:



This always makes my day.  Thanks Gabe.  And really annoys Katie when I sing it to her in the morning:



Ha Cha Cha.  So creepy, and yet so hilarious.


One response to “Lonely Days

  1. Hey, funny vids – the coffee ad one is a bit creepy, yes… So you talk to yourself? I also talk to myself, so don’t worry, your not the only lunatic!

    Topic of conversation depends on what i’m doing at the time – but varies between kicking my ass for messing up/giving myself a pat on the back for doing good, or my sensible and crazy sides are having an argument about something. Crazy has been winning recently…

    My current form of entertainment has mostly involved me, a bike, and a burning desire to go faster/further/longer.

    I’ve just read the above and come to the conclusion that I am quite crazy…


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