Old Habits Die Hard

In more ways than one.

As for today I’m referring to the late night fast food eating habits that Baton Rouge so easily provided for me.  It was so easy to swing through the 24 Burger King on the way home with Katie for a $1 Spicy Chicken Sandwich.  Perhaps, if we happened to pass a Taco Bell a Mexican Pizza or Nacho Cheese Chicken Chalupa was in my future.  Oh, and I mustn’t forget the Egg Rolls from Jack In The Box.  

Fortunately, for my waistline, San Francisco’s fast food restaurants are not exactly readily available for my late night consumption.  Last Night, however I was starving and begged Katie to go with me to Mel’s the late night diner up the block.  When we arrived however they were “closed.”  Even though I knew they weren’t due to close for another 45 minutes… bastards.  I left without causing much of a scene.  And like a gift from the gods, a beacon of light shone down right across the street on the 24 Jack In The Box.  Hallelujah!  

Until, we got inside.  The Jack In The Box was teeming with vagrants coming on or off of some type of illicit materials, bums passed out with several cups of coffee lining their tables, security guards from neighboring hotels, and annoyingly giddy, mindless 18 year old whores in there spandex dresses just out of the club.  This did not deter us from our mission.  No sir.  We have been without late night fried (inexpensive) delights for far too long.  

And with that we enjoyed our chicken sandwiches and egg rolls at home, in peaceful bliss.


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