Who’s Tempted?

Brrr!  It’s another chilly San Francisco day.  What happened to the beautiful sunny cloudless days of last week??  Well, I guess that means San Francisco’s week long summer is over.  Guess I’ll just have to wait until the last week of October to feel the warmth of summer again.  Because, apparently the city doesn’t follow the rules of seasonal weather.  Since it’s such a cool evening Katie and I will be enjoying soup from our favorite Thai restaurant, King of Thai Noodle… king of my heart.  Hopefully, it will warm my evil soul and keep my nipples from being erect – for everyone’s sake.  

After dinner, we plan to stop by our favorite joint, The Tempest.  It is the most amazingly dodgy dive bar on the planet.  The only thing that could make it any better would be Mega Touch with Word Dojo!!  The best part about The Tempest (besides the free baked chicken Fridays and the cheap beer) are the bartenders and owners, Eric and Darla.  It just so happens the video game Diner Dash is based off of Darla and the diners she owns in Sunset.  That’s pretty freaking awesome if you ask me!!  Plus, they have Jenga (awesome)  for us to play while we sit up at the bar.  We are currently trying to beat the record of 32 “stories”. Anyway that’s what I’m up to tonight.  

What are you getting into?


3 responses to “Who’s Tempted?

  1. Hey, so you’ve got your own page huh? Cool! Had a little poke around – have to say; you’ve got a way with words! Nice pic aswell.

    I have yet to reach the required level of organisation-zen to be worthy of such a thing as my own page. I spend enough time staring at a computer screen to not want to go near one out of work hours.

    What am I getting into? Hmmm, motorcycle racing would be one thing – doing my 2nd meeting this weekend. Yes, I ride bikes with engines aswell. Whats it like?: scary, frenetic, fast and fun!

    The same-old-brand-new routine that is work is another. Coming back to that after a 2 week whistlestop roadtrip round Cali’s best riding scenery isn’t great. Especially when the UK was practiacally underwater after the sky wrung the clouds dry for a whole week the day we got back. Really missing that sunshine, I must be solar powered?!

    Did you beat the jenga record?

  2. No, not this week. However, we did meet the current record holder. And she gave us some pointers.

    I think you are solar powered you are much tanner than all the rest of those British friends of yours.

  3. Jenga pointers? What would I have to do to obtain this coveted info?

    Yep, i’m attracted to the sun like a moth to a lightbulb – everything just seems better if the sun is out. It puts a smile on my face and and makes the world look, feel, and smell better.

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