Condu what?

Oh yes Conduit. (don’t let the menu on the website fool you, it changes seasonally – and obviously hasn’t been updated in awhile)

Last night’s dinner was amazing. Katie and I met her co-worker, Reza, at the other restaurant he works at for a fantastic meal. We had the most gorgeous heirloom tomato and melon salad – yum – carpaccio, melt in your mouth delicious halibut, oxtail tortellini, and the most heavenly dessert.   My cucumber mint vodka/gin gimlet was fantastic.  I know.  I know.  I’m still drooling.  Cheers to Reza for a fabulous night.

But even better – at the end of the night Ryan, from Top Chef Season 4 walks into the bar and sits right next to us.  I die.  I don’t know if I actually managed to talk to him.  But, I do have his business card in my wallet.  

A perfect night all in all: great food, great company, good spirits, and Top Chef crushes.  I love this city.


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