Sake To Me

Last night, Katie and I had the pleasure of dinning with her new boss and owner of Zaré’s Fly Trap here in San Francisco, Hoss Zaré.  He treated us to a lovely sushi dinner in the Cole Valley and the sake was flowing.  We opted to forgo menus and allow the wonderful chef at Grandeho’s Kamekyo to work his magic.  Everything was delicious, and so much fun – trying new things course by course.  What a blast!  

Unfortunately for Kate and I, we aren’t all that crazy about sake, but in honor of our host we tried to keep up with his pace.  Needless to say, 5 bottles later, we were all a bit drunk.  This is when Katie and I decided it was a grand idea to try sea urchin, an alleged delicacy.  Hoss, who is a master chef and has probably tasted some of the most obscure dishes the world has to offer, has already warned us that he really does not particularly care for it.  Regardless, we’re brave and wanted to test limits of our palates.  Not one of our better ideas.  Now, if you are someone who enjoys the taste of mushy sand with the consistency to match – be my guest!  I give you all the sea urchin you can stomach.  For me – I’m going to pass.  

Our evening truly peaked after we had left Grandeho and Mr. Zaré.  During the chilly walk back to Norman (Katie’s car) we passed an advertisement on the side of a bus stop with a large photo an infant with nutrition facts printed on it’s head.  Katie inquires as to what exactly it is advertising.  To which I respond, “Oh! You didn’t know babies are delicious!!”

I still think it’s funny, and am very concerned what the advertisement actually means.  Any thoughts?



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