Just one of those

…days.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The days where nothing seems to go exactly as planned.  And you can’t do a damned thing about it – It’s just going to be a shitty mess of a day. 

I did everything I could to stop to overriding power said bad day.  I got up took a long hot shower to get my head together, and put on my cutest dress.  I followed all of this by downing several cups of coffee with the hope that if I could just wind myself up on enough caffeine I could fend off the bad karmic balance of the universe.  No such luck.  Even my best efforts and reluctantly positive attitude couldn’t stop the inevitable negative forces surrounding me today.  I’ll spare you the mundane details but plain and simple: today = the bowels of hell. 

On the upswing, Katie is taking me to Hot Cookie in the Castro (Gay Pride America – love it) to get one of their famous and inappropriately delicious cookies.  I give you one guess as to which one she treats me too.  Hint: It is filled with cream and has coconut shavings…  Give me a break if I want a phallic shaped pastry delight to eat my blues into oblivion – SUE ME!

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. Right?  And karma owes me one hell of a good one.


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